Master the Move: Your Ultimate Bedroom Packing Guide from Fixed Price Movers

Aside from the general mess and chaos of a move, your bedroom is probably the room with the most personal items. Not to mention that your closet and wardrobe are also in your bedroom. Packing, in general, can be very stressful, but the bedroom will probably be the hardest to pack. Our team at Fixed Price Movers has been helping people move successfully for over 15 years, so we have some tips for you. Read on to discover how you can pack up your bedroom and have a good time doing it!


A move is a fresh start for you and your family. Moving can be an opportunity to clean out your belongings. This especially applies to your wardrobe. Look through your things and try to get rid of anything that you don’t need, won’t use or don’t want. You can organize your belongings into piles according to what you are going to do with them. The first pile can the things you are going the keep and move with you. A second pile can be for things you want to donate. If an item is in good condition and can be used by someone else, then you should consider donating it to those who may need it. The last pile can be for things you think should be thrown out. You can also host a small garage sale of your old belongings to make some extra money.

When it comes to cleaning out clothes, getting rid of them can be difficult. Try on your old clothes and part with anything that is too old; you haven’t worn for a long time or no longer fits you. Also, get rid of any broken or unused hangers you may be hoarding. Getting rid of all these old things is going to save you space in your boxes and make unpacking much easier.

Purchase supplies

Now that you have decluttered and organized your things, it’s time to gather up supplies. For this, you are going to need different-sized boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, bags, wrapping paper, tools, and furniture blankets. It’s always better to have extra supplies to have leftover than to have to stop packing to purchase more supplies, so stock up. Our team at Fixed Price Movers offers ready-made moving supplies available for purchase on our site. You can buy a kit with everything you are going to need, according to how many belongings you want to pack. But, you can also purchase individual supplies on our site too.

Start packing

Once you have your supplies ready, you can start your packing. Start packing your guest bedrooms first. .When you move on to your bedroom, pack up your least-used items first. Place your most used items on top, in case you need them later. We would recommend making a list of everything that is inside each box and taping it to one of the box flaps. This can be very helpful as a reference later. Also, make sure to label the outside of the box with what room the belongings are from, and a general outline of what is inside.


Before you start packing your things, wash all your clothes. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about doing laundry when moving to your new place. A good tip is to put your clothes into a wardrobe box. This means you can leave them on a hanger and just move them into your closet once you arrive. If you want to save money, you may also use garbage bags and place them around clothes on a hanger instead of folding them. Instead, if you decide to fold them, place the items from the same drawer together. This is going to make your unpacking process more smooth. You can use old t-shirts as padding in boxes with fragile items and cushion the spaces in between.

Fragile Items

If you have anything you need to move that is fragile, make sure you wrap it in lots of bubble wrap layers. When you place them in boxes, make sure to fill all the empty spaces with packing materials. If your items are very fragile, you can place them into their own small, individual boxes before you place them inside a large box. Make sure you mark the box as fragile to warn the movers.


When moving furniture, you should also be very careful. Disassemble all the pieces that you can, and place the individual screws and bolts into a small bag. Attach the bag to the disassembled furniture to make the reassembling easier. Use paper and shrink wrap to cover all the furniture surface. With larger pieces, you should use moving blankets to protect them from scratches. Use bubble wrap and leg protectors to wrap the legs of your furniture. When packing rugs, vacuum them and secure them using tape and an old sheet for extra protection. For lamps, always remove the light bulb and the shade piece. Wrap the base of it with bubble wrap and use packing materials to cushion the extra space in a box. Use a separate box for the shade and wrap it using paper and bubble wrap.


When packing your bedding, you can actually use the sheets for packing your other delicate items. This will help you save money on other packing materials. But, if you should use old bedding in case they get damaged during the move. If you have enough time, you should also wash and dry them before you pack them. This will save you some stress of doing laundry before you can sleep at your new home. When you are packing your mattress, keep it in a box or a mattress bag to keep it clean and protected during the move.


As you can see, packing a bedroom isn’t as daunting as it seems. Try to keep these tips in mind when you are preparing to pack your bedroom, and the process will be a breeze. So there is nothing to wait for, get packing!