Why Professional Movers Use Standard Size Boxes: The Key to Safe and Efficient Moving

You must be wondering why professional fixed price movers have a standard size of packaging boxes when they are moving items from home? Because these boxes will protect all items and makes packaging easier for them.

Using quality packing boxes!

Just like packing correctly is very important, using consistent sized boxes will also save your belongings from any damage during transit. Movers in Los Angeles use boxes of consistent size to avoid any unfavorable situation.

Any professional moving company has the same set of boxes…. Well, you would definitely have noticed it if you had observed any loading truck. Whether or not all your stuff fit in these, it’s just not a coincidence.

This is a thoughtful plan as the standard size and shape of these boxes simplifies the job of professional fixed price movers. The boxes are placed like a sturdier stack and can’t fall over.   These boxes can be easily arranged in a truck. This provides an additional layer of protection to your items.

Don’t use boxes of different sizes!

It is highly recommended to only use boxes provided by your moving company. Even, all Los Angeles movers advise using the same appropriately sized boxes.

It seems that small boxes can be easily loaded into a truck, but there is a high chance they will topple over or stack badly during transportation. With the standard sized boxes, your belongings are more likely to survive obstacles like stairs, dips and road bumps, etc.

It is difficult to stack and position boxes of different sizes which increases the chances of your items suffering damage during transportation.

Similarly, large boxes should not be used due to the difference in quality and size. For instance, take a large wardrobe box which is normally made of thin cardboard. Yes, it is big in size but thin cardboard is prone to ripping.


Relying on your moving company for consistent and professional packing and moving is a better idea. They have been doing it for many consumers and their tips can save your time and money.

Instead of following what you think is correct, just listen to what these professional advise. They surely offer professional moving help and provide consistent packing boxes. You big and small items will reach the new destination safe and sound.

Still, if you want to pack your own belongings, please follow our tips listed below and get the standard sized boxes for moving.

Our Tips!

1- Buy packing boxes of superior quality: Though it is easier to fit more items in bigger boxes, you are prioritizing quantity over quality. Packing with big boxes makes your belongings less secure. If you need a tension-free movement of items, always buy boxes from stores specializing in moving supplies. Check the thickness of these boxes or you may ask the store manager for his suggestion.

2- Don’t try to fit too many items in the boxes: Do check how much weight these boxes can hold and put items accordingly to avoid ripping. It is recommended to not overpack them. Overpacking may lead to injury as these boxes will be harder to lift.

3- Buy only quality packing supplies: other packing materials like packing paper are used for fragile items as they create a barrier between the box and the piece. Avoid newspaper as its ink can stain your items. Instead of duct tape, use packing tape to securely seal the boxes. Other items include bubble wrap, scissors, etc.

Final words!

Movers have the skills and experience, they can handle the packing process professionally. They will ensure that all your belongings are transported with any damage. Therefore, it is better to use their service.