7 Essential Steps to Take Before Contacting a Los Angeles Moving Company for a Smooth Transition, Courtesy of Fixed Price Movers

Have you recently been planning a move? Is contacting a Los Angeles moving company to help you sound slightly intimidating? Well, don’t worry, Fixed Price Movers are here to help you. Before you decide to call a moving company and choose a time, there are several things we would recommend you do before. These steps will make this process easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

1. Plan your move

Before you start to make calls and arrangements, try to make a conclusive schedule of your move. This also includes the week before the move. Start by writing out all the arrangements that need to be made. It will help you visualize everything you need to do and when you need to do it. A detailed schedule will also help you understand what day you want to move. Be careful when you are picking a day for your move. There are some peak days, such as holidays that will cost you extra, so do some research before selecting a date. When you are ready, call the moving company to set a date and a time. Once you have the moving date, plan your other arrangements around this date. Make sure you are setting aside an adequate amount of time to get ready and that your new home will be ready on the day you decide to move.


2. Create an inventory

Writing an inventory list can have a lot of advantages during moving. Firstly it’ll help you organize your things and understand what you don’t need anymore. It will help keep your items in check, and you can use the list when unpacking to make sure everything has arrived. It will also help you understand how many packing supplies you are going to need for everything to fit. You can show your movers the inventory, and they will help you understand how many supplies you are going to need. Fixed Price Movers are a moving company that will gladly provide all the supplies you will need for an efficient move. You can individually select the moving supplies you need, or you can choose to purchase our pre-made moving kits that vary according to how many items you are going to move.


3. Sort through your items

Moving can be a great opportunity for some cleaning and freshening up of your belongings. Take this chance to try on all your clothes, and ask yourself if you are ever going to wear that piece of clothing again. If not, you can throw it out or donate it if it is in good condition. Check the expiry date of your food, medicine, and cosmetic products, and if it has long passed, then don’t hesitate to throw them out. This move can be a great new start for you, so throw out your old things and purchase some newer and fresher ones. If you have a lot of old things that are in good condition, then you can set up a small garage sale before you go. This is a fun way to say goodbye to your neighbors and make some extra money.


4. Clean your area 

Most people who move in pay a security deposit to the landlord. And when you move it, everything must be in its original state, and space has to be clean. Clean floors will also help the moving become quicker and more efficient. The cleaning should be done around two days before the actual move. Our team at Fixed Price Movers offers cleaning services to help you with this space. Give us a call, and we will choose a day that works for you. You will only have to worry about sorting through your items and setting up an inventory. Our team will also gladly clean your new home to make your move-in day less stressful.


5. Disassemble your furniture

The first part of this step involves measurements. Take the time to measure your hallways, corridors, and large furniture. This will help you understand whether your furniture will be able to go through the hallways or if you will need to disassemble the furniture. Disassembling services can also be called to help you with this task. You should do this before the movers arrive; otherwise, you will spend extra time with the furniture moving, and this will cost you extra money. During the disassembling, you should also clean your furniture. Moving dusty furniture really is not a good idea. The moisture in the cargo hold along with the dust can lead to the furniture being damaged. You can purchase some cheap mattress covers to protect your belongings from damage during the move. This leads us to the next step; movers insurance.

6. Invest in mover insurance

Moving companies are very professional at what they do, but accidents cannot be completely ruled out. Traffic accidents are common during moving, and your belongings could be seriously damaged by this. Mover insurance doesn’t cost too much and can help you get some of your money back if your things are damaged during the move.

7. Purchase packing supplies

When packing your belongings, you are going to need some supplies. You can look for boxes at your local grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, as they usually provide them for free. Boxes can also be purchased at post offices, moving stores, or online. You may also need other things such as thick tape, bubble wrap, foam pouches, packing peanuts, packing paper, and so on. All of these can be conveniently purchased from our site Fixedpricemovers.com. You can purchase individual supplies, or you can purchase the moving kits we have already prepared for you. These kits vary according to how many belongings you want to pack, and they will make your job much easier.


Our team at Fixed Price Movers knows that moving can be challenging and stressful. But, it doesn’t always have to be like this. So keep these tips in mind, and this whole process will become much easier and faster.