Rainy Day Moves: Navigating the Challenges with Expert Tips from Fixed Price Movers

We have all experienced days of disappointment when the weather does not match up with the forecast and ruins our plans. But this can be even more horrible if it happens on your moving day. Of course, it is best if you keep up with the forecast a few days prior to scheduling the precise date, but the weather can be unpredictable. If it starts raining on the day you move, there are a few things you can do to make the experience as efficient as possible. Read on to find out some tips from our team at Fixed Price Movers on how to move on a rainy day.

Purchase lots of garbage bags

This may sound weird to you at first, but it is a life hack that has saved many belongings from being damaged by water. Many things like clothes, books, household items, and more can be wrapped in a few layers of garbage bags to keep them safe. If you are transporting clothes on a hanger, you can make a hole at the top and pull the garbage bag on top of the clothing. When you are using boxes, we recommend you wrap anything paper in garbage papers before placing them inside the boxes. The best part of garbage bags is that they are large and can be reused, so don’t worry about spending a lot of money on this trick.

Cut down the distances

You can do a lot of smaller steps that will make moving on a rainy day go by faster. Our team at Fixed Price Movers recommends moving all your boxes into one room before your movers arrive. This means fewer people will need to move through the house, dripping mud and rain everywhere. It will also help you cut your moving time, as there will be less going back and forward between rooms. If you choose to rent a moving truck, always try to park as close to the building as possible. The less distance you have to walk to the truck outside, the less rain will fall on your boxes. Also, check to see whether the space you have parked is stable or not. Better safe than sorry, so if you have to park a bit further, but you are sure that the person with the boxes won’t slip, then you should do that. Soggy grass may also be unable to support a heavyweight, such as a moving truck. Getting stuck in wet grass is definitely a problem you can easily avoid if you are observant. Try to open the moving truck doors for the least time possible and only until the mover has reached the doors, so less rain will get in.

Wear appropriate footwear

Moving is not a short process, and requires a lot of walking and transporting. Wet floors can be dangerous and a significant hazard, because of the risk of slipping and falling. The floor may appear to be dry and stable, but you can easily slide, fall, or slip if you make the slightest wrong move. This is especially likely since you won’t be able to see your feet when you are holding a large box. To prevent all of this, our team at Fixed Price Movers urges you to wear proper footwear with rubber soles. Warn everyone that is coming with you to help during the move to wear appropriate footwear too. If anyone owns hiking shoes that have a Gore-Tex sole, these will be the best choice of footwear. Avoid any flip-flops, sandals, and open shoes at all costs. Going to the hospital for broken bones is the last thing you want to do on your moving day.

Cover the floors

Most people need to leave their apartment clean, to receive their safety deposit back in full. You should take the time to clean your floors around two days prior to the move. Once you have done that, you shouldn’t worry about your hard being wasted because of the rain. Try to find some sheets of cardboard and lay them all around the house where the movers will be working. This will help keep your floors clean while also preventing slipping and falling. You can also use old rugs, towels, old clothes, or anything thick enough to not move around when stepped on. Try to cover all the surfaces, since even a tiny area can cause slipping. It will also keep your fragile belongings safe, which may have broken if the person holding them fell.


This is a nice trick that our team at Fixed Price Movers discovered after helping people move for many years. When it is raining outside, try to move the less valuable items out first. By the time you are done moving the less important items, the rain may have slowed down or stopped completely. If it is only drizzling, then move the more valuable things on to the truck first. This will be beneficial in case the rain starts getting heavier. Electronics are the hardest thing to move on a rainy day since they will surely be damaged by moisture. Try to wait until the rain stops to move your electronics out to the truck. If it looks like the rain won’t stop anytime soon, then make sure they are under many layers of mats or blankets to keep the rain out when transporting.

Use a towel

Try to keep an extra towel in the truck when moving on a rainy day. The person who stands near or inside the truck will have the task of wiping down everything that arrives. This will remove any of the excess moisture and keep the wetness to a minimum.

Moving on a rainy day may seem uncomfortable at first, but it should not become too much of a hassle. Keep everything organized, and don’t let the rain dishearten you. You decide the atmosphere of your move. It can be a big success if you just keep your mood up and your eyes on the road!