Comprehensive Moving Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare for Your Move with Fixed Price Movers

If you live alone, extremely busy with your office job, have young kids, your partner is ill and you need to regularly visit hospitals, time poor and simply helping your relatives or friends in arranging a move, you can always rely on the help from your local moving company.

Fixed Price Movers are all that you Need!

We know that many people find it extremely difficult and stressful to pack their items and move out of the house. We have tried our best to give you a simple plan covering all aspects of moving.

This plan ensures your safety, hassle-free moving and it is pretty easy to follow. Hiring professional movers in Los Angeles is all about getting expert help in order to support you with all aspects of moving in and out.

It all starts 4-8 weeks before you call your moving company.

Here is our Plan!

  • 8 weeks before!
  • Start sorting out your belongings. Check each room, cupboards, and drawers and go through all your stuff and decide which items you can throw away or donate and which items to keep. For items in good condition that you do not need, you can run a garage sale.
  • Draft a moving budget.
  • Start researching online for your moving options. You can also request an on-site estimate from your Fixed Price Movers.
  • Collect and keep all your important documents such as medical, educational, dental, legal, school and financial records and pack them separately. Keep track of all important receipts, bills and other documents by creating a customized moving binder.
  • 6 weeks before!
  • Visit your local supplies store and buy packing boxes. It is recommended to buy boxes of consistent size as you can neatly arrange them. Check the quality of the boxes too. You can also ask your moving company to provide you with boxes for packing.
  • Get rid of old food, toiletries and cleaning supplies.
  • Plan out how to move your plants and pets in order to avoid any unfavorable situation.
  • Get measurements of your new home to analyze if your furniture will easily pass through doorways and can be arranged as you like.
  • 4 weeks before!
  • Call and confirm your Fixed Price Movers, ask friends or relatives if you need help for packing.
  • Start with packing stuff that you do not use frequently. Label each packing box with a list of items and where they should be placed in your new house.
  • Mark boxes containing sharp objects and fragile items to avoid any harm.
  • Sort out items requiring insurance coverage and keep your valuables in separate boxes as you may wish to transport them personally.
  • Visit your local post office and fill out “change of address” form. You can do it online, too.
  • 1-2 weeks before!
  • Plan to take time off around for moving in and out.
  • Check the kitchen and refrigerator to use up all remaining perishable food before the final day of your move.
  • Call utility service and notify them about your move and what you would like to transfer, cancel or set up new services including water, gas, electricity, landline phone, internet, trash collection, etc.
  • Notify your gym, magazine or newspaper agency, bank, insurance companies about your change of address.
  • Make sure your vehicle is functioning well or you may like to take it for a tune-up.
  • Final week!
  • Confirm the plan with your mover.
  • Pack all the medicine you need during the next days.
  • Pack all new home essentials such as tableware, scissors, trash bags, stationery items, etc.
  • Pack your daily use items such as clothes, toiletries separately as you would use them immediately in your new home.
  • You can do some cleaning but there are move-out cleaning services provided by moving companies.
  • Final day!
  • Say goodbye to your neighbors.
  • Do a final check if everything is loaded, lock your home before leaving.

Yes, that’s it! Everything else will be taken care of by your moving company.