Essential Decluttering Tips Before Moving: What to Get Rid of Before Your Move

You already have too many items in your bedroom, loft, kitchen, garage, you don’t use anymore. Before moving to your new destination in LA, you need to decide what you need and what you can toss out or donate before your Fixed Price Movers give you an estimate.

Why is that?

One of the things taking up most of your moving cost is the weight of the packed boxes with your belongings. Also, your moving company charges you according to the boxes they transport to new destinations along with other factors, so reducing the number of these boxes means movers will charge you less.

Decluttering is such a crucial aspect of your packing and you should spend a considerable amount of time deciding what to keep. Just make the list of the items you have and decide which of them are essential for you and which ones you can live without.

Let up help you with some packing tips and tricks. Read on to find things you should get rid of before moving.

Old Shoes And Clothing Items!

Let’s find out those old clothes and shoes you won’t buy again. Or ask yourself if you can fit in these if the answer is “NO” then think about donating it to local community shelters, sell it, or give it to a needy person.

Just because you love them does not mean you should keep them anyway.

Cans of Paint!

You may have few paint containers stored in the basement or garage as you thought you might need them for touching up walls. But if you have no plans for paint or you prefer to use a different color, throw away this old stuff responsibly.

Consider these cans as a moving nightmare, and you don’t want these cans transported by your moving company. This is just messed waiting to happen!

Boxes Full of Books!

Here is a great packing tip: too many books mean many boxes; this might drive up the cost of your move. Think again! If you keep all books, your Fixed Price Movers are going to charge you more.

Expired Medicines!

It’s time to evaluate your cabinet for expired vitamins and medicines. Expired drugs become less potent, so you should clean up space and throw these out as you can’t use them anymore.

Chipped and Faded Mugs!

Time to clean up your kitchen cabinet and get rid of those chipped or unmatching cups and mugs. You might have loved your collection over the years but it’s not a good idea to pack them all and take them to your new home.

Remember movers are going to charge you accordingly, so toss out extra mugs. Simply keep matching kitchenware in your new home.

What about Plastic Containers and Linen?

Almost every household has a cabinet full of extra Tupperware for leftover food. But many times these are missing lids. It will take time to find the lids, match them with the container and pack them, therefore simply go through them and throw unnecessary ones in the bin.

Similarly, there is no need to take mismatched, worn, or old linen as you will probably use them in your new home. Better to donate them to animal shelters; the chances are that dogs and cats will love them.

Kitchen Spices!

If you love cooking and have a big collection of spices, it’s time to take a closer look at the expiration dates. You should check online regarding how long these spices last.

Most herbs or seasoning blends can be used for 1-3 years but still, check online to get a better guess.

The old form of Data Storage Media, Perfumes, and Toiletries!

Trust us, you are never going to use them in your new home because you already found a better replacement. That’s why these things were there in lurking in the back of your bathroom cabinet and garage.

Simply throw away things you no longer use. Maybe you can find someone interested in your old form of data storage media; though it’s highly unlikely as everyone uses laptops or smartphones these days.