Essential Packing Tips for Storage: What Not to Store – A Guide by Fixed Price Movers

When you are packing to move, you may start to realize that you actually have a lot of belongings. You may also begin to understand that you don’t really want them all at your new place yet. This is where storage facilities near you can come in handy. You can keep your belongings there for some time until you are ready to have them back. There are a few essential factors which you should keep in mind when packing your items to place in storage. One of those is knowing what not to put in your things when preparing them for storage. Once you have chosen your storage facility, make sure to read the rules or regulations of that specific storage to know what to avoid. Our moving company has been providing storage facilities for customers for over 15 years, so we surely have some expertise in this area. Read on to find out what should not be included in your storage boxes.


This is probably one of the most overlooked safety rules of storage facilities. You never know how long you might require a storage area. Even if you plan to pick your things up in a week, you must still not pack any food. When you leave food in an enclosed space, it will start to rot and grow mold. Aside from the mold and the smell, this food can also attract insects and rodents. These intruders will most likely reach your other belongings and damage everything in the storage. If there is an unrelated infestation, they will definitely find your find and also damage your belongings. Fixed Price Movers urge you always to avoid packing food in your things for storage.


You may think plants are very sturdy and can live a long time, but this isn’t always the case. Just as you wouldn’t leave your pet in storage, you also shouldn’t place plants. Plants require water, fresh air, and sunlight to grow. These things are definitely not available in a storage facility. If you can’t take your plants to your new home, then give them away or leave them to your friends. Leaving them in a storage facility is a sure way to kill them.

Scented or wet items

Fixed Price Movers recommend always leaving out any scented or damp items from your storage. Strong smells usually attract insects, rodents, pests, or vermin to the sight of the scent. These living things will surely damage everything you have stored in your unit. Avoid packing anything with a scent such as shampoos, lotions, perfumes, and so on. Any damp or wet items will also start producing mold and mildew. This bacteria will spread in your storage unit and will likely damage everything you have stored. Always make sure every single item you are packing for storage is completely dry before you put it in

Explosive, toxic or combustible items

Explosive, combustible, and toxic items are dangerous and should never be kept in storage. These items must always be kept in a place that is safe to store them. They put yours and everyone else’s belongings in danger. If you own any vintage kerosene lamps, be sure that you empty and clean them before you pack for storage. Some similar dangerous items are paint thinners, gasoline, motor oil, propane tanks, cleaning solvents, paint, alcohol, corrosive, and fireworks. These items can endanger not only belongings but also the lives of the people around the facility. You never know when a flammable liquid could be near and cause an explosion or a fire. Los Angeles Movers will provide you with a list of all prohibited explosive items, so pack carefully.

Broken-down or unregistered vehicles

Our team at Fixed Price Movers knows how common it is to store vehicles in storage. Most regulations say that this vehicle must be fully functional and adequately registered, insured, and licensed. If any damage is caused by your stored vehicle, you are still going to be held liable for this damage. This is what warrants the need for insurance. Most storage units also prohibit the storage of more than four tires. This is usually done because if you do not come to claim your items, disposing of lots of tires can be very difficult.

Radioactive materials or equipment

Anything that is even slightly radioactive should not be placed in a storage facility. Many medical supplies contain radioactive materials. If you are planning on storing medical supplies, make sure to check with your supervisor to see if any of them are radioactive. While a small number of contaminated supplies won’t be dangerous, an abundance of them can be. Fixed Price Movers urge you not to pack anything radioactive in your storage box.

Firearms and ammunition

Firearms are mostly prohibited from storage facilities. There are some storages that allow firearms, but make sure to check carefully before you pack. Ammunition is strictly prohibited from all storage facilities. This is because they fall into the combustible material category, which can be incredibly dangerous. Generally, if anything seems hazardous to you, then Fixed Price Movers would recommend you find a storage facility that is specialized in storing that item.

Storage facilities are quite strict with their rules, but that is for the protection of your belongings. If you pack carefully, then you will never have to worry about something going wrong. You can just leave your things and then come back to pick them up when you are ready. If you are looking for very high quality and trustworthy storage facility, then check us out at Fixed Price Movers. We offer many storage facilities all over the United States, so you can just pick the one most convenient for you. Make sure you never place the above-mentioned things in your boxes when you are packing for storage, and all your items will be safe.