Stress-Free Rental Moves: Essential Tips & Services by Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles

Moving is almost always a challenge, no matter where you are going. But there are specific problems that come with each type of moving. For example, if you are moving into an apartment or a condo, this will mean having to plan for stairs and tight hallways, or even elevators. The same principles of moving to apply to rental properties. You are going to have to pack your things, plan transportation, and more. With us at Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles, you won’t have to worry about any of this, as we will do all of it for you. Instead, you can use this time to think about renter’s insurance, security deposits, leases, and anything else that is going to require your attention.

Our team has been helping customers move to rental properties for over 15 years, so we have some tips that may help you when you are in this scenario. Keep reading to find out what you must know before you move into a rental property.

Make sure of the right fit

This may seem slightly obvious, but it is actually the most crucial step of the moving process. With a rental property, you are going to be signing a lease, which means you must pay rent for a specific time period Breaking a contract can have dire consequences such as high costs and a lot of headaches. You must find a property that you love and that suits all your needs. Determine your price range and find the area you want to live in. Research the community in that area and read up on the landlord or rental group. If you have children, research the school district and extracurricular activity opportunities in the area. Check up on the smaller factors, too, such as weather, crime rate, public transportation, and so on. The landlord is also a very important factor in the rental property moving process, as you are going to be meeting with them frequently. Make sure that you can put your trust in the person renting to you. Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles recommend going to open houses and talking to the renter there, so you can check out the place and get any information you need. Remember, you are going to be living here for some time, so make sure you 100% love it.

Finalize everything

There are a lot of fees that can come with rental properties. These may include advance rent, security deposits, electric fees, payment for extra appliances like a laundry machine, and so on. Make sure to talk to your landlord to get a full list of all the fees that you must pay. With this, you can also finalize your own budget and get everything in order before the move. Ask multiple times that the fees are final, so there won’t be any unexpected charges on you later. Movers in Los Angeles would also recommend asking when you should move in, so you can pay for everything and set up your calendar.

Final meeting with your landlord

Organize a meeting with your landlord to go over everything one last time. You can use this meeting to make sure you have paid all the fees, and sign your lease. Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles urge you to read your lease multiple times through and very carefully. Always read the fine print so you won’t have any surprises later on. Make sure you agree with everything you read in the contract because once you sign, there is no going back.

Renter’s insurance

Now, we know that you may think this is unnecessary, but it isn’t. You never know what type of accident can happen at your new place. With renter’s insurance, all your personal items will be protected in case a robbery, a fire, or a flood happens. Even if the fee is a bit large, make space for it in your budget and consider it an investment. Our team has been helping people move to rental properties for over 15 years, so we know how many people skip this step then regret it later.


Be sure to cancel any utilities you used at your old home. When signing your lease, make sure to check which utilities are included in your rent. If some utilities aren’t included in your rental property lease, then talk to your landlord to see which utilities are available in your new area. Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles also recommend doing some research on the internet to find the most affordable and convenient utility providers. This may take some time to research and set up, so make sure you are setting aside enough time for this.

Move-In Checklists

Making a Move-In checklist can make this otherwise stressful process more fun and enjoyable. It will also help you keep everything organized and in one spot. Our team at Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles has also created a move-in checklist that includes all the necessary steps. Once you arrive at your new place, you will receive a different type of move-in checklist from your landlord so that you can assess your new rental property. Make sure to take your time looking around and examining everything on the list. If anything is missing or damaged, be sure to note it down. By doing this, you won’t be charged for it later when you are moving out.

Moving into a rental property can be tiring and stressful, but you can take steps to make it easier. Keep these basic tips in your mind and apply them when necessary. We have a lot of experience in this field, so trust us when we say we know what we are recommending. When you hire us to help you and your family move into a rental property, we will do all the work for you. Our team will unpack, transport, and pack your belongings for you. With us, you only have to worry about dealing with your landlord and signing your lease. So what are you waiting, get moving!