Throw a Memorable Housewarming Party on a Budget: Expert Tips from Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles

Who doesn’t love a good party, specially dedicated to your new dream home? After you have moved to your new place, you will surely want to show it off. Inviting your friends and family over to see and enjoy your new place at a housewarming party is the perfect way to do just that. But parties can be hard on your wallet considering you will have to pay for invites, games, food, drinks, cleaning and more. But, a good party doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or fancy to be fun and memorable. Our moving company has been in the moving industry for over 15 years, so we are here to help you with some tips on how to throw a memorable housewarming party with a budget.


Most people don’t realize the importance of party invites. Not only do the invites inform people of the time and location, but they also set the mood for the party. When designing your invites, pick a color scheme that matches your theme. For example, you can use vibrant colors for an outdoor patio party or pastel colors for a pool party. In order to make this process simpler and more affordable for you, Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles recommend using E-invites for your housewarming party. There are lots of sites that you can use to create customized invites. Who uses paper invites in this day and age anyway? With e-invites, you will save money, save paper, and you will not have to worry about your invite getting lost in the mail or arriving late. Be sure to add pictures to make the invite more dynamic and engaging. If you think this is too formal, you can also create an event on Facebook. This takes even less time; you can post updates before the event, and people can RSVP on the event page. If some of your friends and family are not on Facebook, you can send the event using email from Facebook.


Throwing a trendy party doesn’t mean spending a ton of money on glass champagne flutes or luxurious lights. Instead, you can achieve a classy feel without buying too much. For example, Movers in Los Angeles would recommend using plastic champagne cups or gold solo cups for a fancy feel. These aren’t going to cost you a ton. You can also purchase sparkly gold balloons to match the cups, or just buy any statement balloons that match your theme. Buy a small bouquet or pick some wildflowers and place them in vases to use as centerpieces. You can also purchase some white fairy lights from Amazon or a local shop and watch how beautiful your space will become after the sun starts to set. Most of the supplies you are going to need to decorate your new home, you can find at the Dollar Store. A DIY photo booth can be another really fun addition to your party. All you will need to make it is a backdrop, which can be a sheet, streamers, or a cute shower curtain, some props, and a framed sign to hold up. You can even think of a creative hashtag to put on the frame, and then when the photos are posted with the hashtag, you can look back and see all your memories in one place. Because everyone has smartphones, you won’t even have to provide a camera. Your guests can take a picture whenever they want, and they can upload it straight to their social media.


A lot of the party budget tends to go towards buying food or drinks. Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles would recommend organizing your housewarming party in the form of a potluck. This is when each guest brings a dish with them, and after everyone arrives, you will have a full table. Your guests may bring a wide range of cuisine which would have otherwise been impossible to put together. To avoid having too much of one food, you can assign specific options to your guests. For example, one person can bring pasta or salads, desserts, and so on. If you have a Facebook event for your party, you can ask your guests to post about what they’re bringing, so the others get an idea of what’s missing. A BYOB is similar but involves drinks. The acronym stands for “Bring Your Own Bottle” and means each guest brings their own alcohol. This is an amazing idea if you want to plan a cocktail party, as you will receive all types of alcohol. With potluck or BYOB parties, your guests will also benefit as they will not have to worry about getting you a fancy gift along with the food or drinks.

Guest List

We know it may be tempting to invite everyone to your new home. But this is not a good idea if you are on a budget. Instead, Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles recommend you keep your guest list to your closest friends and family. Don’t worry; it isn’t always the more, the merrier. You do not have to invite every single person you know to have fun. A housewarming party with a smaller crowd can be just as fun; it all depends on you. It is also easier to host a party and plan activities with fewer people. You will also have the time to interact with everyone there without rushing. Most people prefer more intimate parties with fewer people anyway.


Just because you are on a small budget does not imply that you shouldn’t be able to host an amazing housewarming party. After a party like this, you will be glad you saved money but also had fun at your new home. When you hire us at Fixed Price Movers in Los Angeles to help you move, we do all the work for you. This includes packing, transporting, and unpacking your things. With us, you can use the time you would’ve spent worrying about packing on planning a great housewarming party at your new home.